The Team Behind Der Pandora-Effekt

Portrait Astrid Mosler

Astrid Mosler

Head of Dramatic Gadgeteering

Device Management, Concept Writing, Drama Queen, Weirdness Coordination.

Does 'Pandora-Effekt' because: First and foremost, she believes the world would be a better place if more people were playing roleplaying games in general and larp in particular. Also, she is a sucker for extraordinairy settings and concepts, an addiction which is catered by this project (as you will hopefully agree afterwards). Thirdly, being addicted to drama from an early gamer age, she wants to see how deep your immersion will go on this and what crazy, horrifying stuff you, the players, will build from the elements we will hand over to you.

Astrid has been larping since the late 90ies and been an organizer since 2004. Astrid writes for 'LARPzeit', a German magazin on Larp. In her dayjob, she heads a software development team. Everything is awesome and cool when you're part of a team!

Portrait Larson Kasper
Portrait Monika Weißenfels

Monika Weißenfels

Chief of Psychological Design

Character Design, Casting, Communications.

Does 'Pandora-Effekt', because she wants to create unique stories and memories, and to deliver the thrill, that one awesome moment, that scene which will never let you go. She wants to connect the German and the international larp community. In a time of walls, building a bridge through larp is more important then ever. Pandora-Effekt is her first project as an organizer.

Monika has been larping for 7 years. Published articles in the german print magazin 'LARPzeit' and the 'Knutebook 2017'. Co-authored Mini-Larps. Co-organizes a 100 people larp group at the Mythodea campaign. Has written small and medium scale plots.

Portrait Severin Rast