a larp about the unknown, technocracy and what makes us human

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Dear players,
find here eyerthing you need to know about “Practicalities”.


Our location is a part of the former “NS-Ordensburg Vogelsang”, Germany. Precisely, the larp will take place in the abandoned Belgian barracks “Van Dooren”. Vogelsang is situated in western Germany, close to the Belgian border. Location Website

Dates & Timing

  • Saturday, October, 28th: Players arrive on site. We will begin with a couple of workshops and start the game.
  • Sunday, October 29th: Game runs.
  • Monday, October 30th: Game ends in the evening. Afterparty.
  • Tuesday, October 31st: Players leave site.
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Spots & Pricing

This is a small larp.
We will offer:
45 player spots
8 npc spots

  • 320 € Player Plus
  • 280 € Player Basic
  • 150 € NPC Plus
  • 80 € NPC Basic.
  • Due to the special location including the accommodation and the concept, this is a game in the higher price range. We are currently working to finish the calculation as well as getting external funding.


    We will offer two categories of accommodation. Both will be on site. "PLUS" is a guest house, with mostly double rooms. You will not need to bring towels, sleeping bags or sheets - everything will be provided. (Think of a high standard youth hostel).

    "BASIC" will be a self catering house with bedrooms for small groups. Towels, blankets/ sleeping bags and sheets have to be brought. To be clear: There will be a bed and a mattres for you. That’s it!

    Both places are warm, dry, provide normal beds (no camp beds), toilets and showers. Both places provide roughly the same amount of spots. Ticket prices therefore vary according to accommodation! If you cannot fit a sleeping bag in your luggage, but would like to go for a BASIC ticket, there will be an option to note this during sign up. We can provide a small number of sleeping bags without additional cost for you.


    Breakfast will be served by the guest house for those staying there. Participants staying in the self-catering house need to prepare their own breakfast with food provided by us.

    All other food will be prepared by two experienced larp-chefs, who are well known for extraordinary food in the german larp scene. Diets - for whatever reason - will be taken into account. There will be fixed points for lunch / dinner.


    Information about bus transfer from a yet to be announced airport to the location will follow.

    Nobody will leave alone

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